Technical Writing and Communication Skills Lectures

Lecture 1.

Course Objective:      The objective of this course is to learn technical writing and presentation skills related to proposals, progress reports, oral presentations and much more.  This course will enable students to learn and excel in communication skills.

Mini Project:  Technical Report on a Research Project with Persuasive Presentation.

Tentative Grading Policy:
Assignments                 25 marks
Report                          25 marks
Final Term                    50 marks

Recommended Books:

  1.   ‘The Technical Writing Process’  by Marilyn Schauer Samuels.
  2.   ‘Write With Confidence’  by Angela Burt.
  3.   ‘Report Writing in Business’  by T J Bentley.
  4.   ‘The Art of Communicating’  by Bert Decker.
  5.   ‘101 Ways to Better Communication’  by Elizabeth Tierney.
  6.   ‘Business Letters for Busy People’  by Jim Dugger.


“The world’s problems could be solved if we kept talking”
Prof. Stephen Hawking

Everything that we do throughout each day involves communication in one form or another.

    1.             At work
    2.             At home
    3.             In politics
    4.             In commerce
    5.             In sport
    6.             In entertainment
    7.             In financial world

When communication breaks down the consequences can be disastrous.


    •    Education is all about communication – not only of hard facts but also of thoughts and ideas and proposals on which to base discussion and debate.
    •    A good teacher who can effectively communicate facts, ideas and theories will turn out well-qualified pupils.
    1.    The problem is the lack of teaching the pupils how to communicate their knowledge to others.


    True / False




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