Technical Writing and Communication Skills Lectures


True / False




We get paid for what we do with what we know, not just for what we know.

Formal education has one purpose only – to get people their first job.  Self-education earns them their living.


  1. Almost 60% of fresh graduate employees leave their first jobs in the first year.
  2.    They are intelligent, well-qualified and keen to find a job in today’s competitive market.
  3.    The largest single reason for this alarming drop-out rate is their inability to communicate with their peers and their superiors.

You can acquire great knowledge, but unless you can communicate it to others, it is worthless.

Farid arrives for his first day in a new job.  Asif is delegated to show him the ropes.

What does Asif do?  He has worked here for some time: he knows it all backwards.  So he paints only a broad picture, leaving out minor details which are second nature to him but not at all obvious to Farid.

How does Farid react?  He has an awful lot to digest in his first few days.

What happens next?  Farid begins to realize that he needs more information in order to do the job properly.  Asif, in the meantime, considers he has done his bit, and goes back to his own workload.  Farid is too nervous or embarrassed to ask questions that might be considered stupid.

The result?  Farid is already struggling: he is unable to perform to his best ability.  His self-confidence is crumbling.  Asif begins to think that Farid is not up to the job.

The lesson?

  •   Communicate from the word ‘Go’.
  •   Explain things clearly and in detail.
  •   Don’t think that because something is obvious to you, it must be obvious to someone else.
  •   If you are the one being trained, don’t be afraid to say things like ‘I get the overall picture, but would you please go through such-and-such a point again?’
  •   Ask questions.
  •   Talk

For management the cost of failed communication can be absolutely staggering, involving:

  •   loss of time
  •   loss of respect
  •   loss of business
  •   loss of money

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