Business Communication Notes

The Seven C’s of Effective Communication

1. Completeness

A) Provide All Necessary Information

B) Answer All Questions Asked

C) Give Something Extra, When Desirable

2. Conciseness

A) Eliminate Wordy Expression
B) Include Only Relevant Material
C) Avoid Unnecessary Repetition

3. Consideration

A) Focus on “You” Instead of  “I” or “we”
B) Show Audience Benefit or Interest in the Receiver
C) Emphasize Positive, Pleasant Facts

4. Concreteness

A) Use Specific Facts and Figures
B) Put Action in you Verbs
C) Choose Vivid, Image-Building Words

5. Clarity

A) Choose Precise, Concrete, and Familiar Words
B) Construct Effective Sentences and Paragraph

6. Courtesy

A) Be Sincerely Tactful, Thoughtful, and Appreciative
B) Use Expression That Show Respect
C) Choose Nondiscriminatory Expression

7. Correctness

A) Use Right Level of Language
B) Check Accuracy of Figures, Facts and Words
C) Maintain Acceptable Writing Mechanics

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