Business Communication Notes

Effective Business Communication


What is Communication
Communication can be defined as the sending and /or receiving of massages (verbal and nonverbal (Massages).

Types of Communications:
Communication can be divided into three categories according to the audience as;

When someone communicate or exchange idea with himself/herself it is called intra-communication, e.g. talking with one’ self.

Communicating with an individual or a number of individuals is called inter-communication for example, a person talking to a group of coworkers.

Exchanging information with a large number of people is called mass-communication, for instance. The president addressing the nation.

Communication is very important aspect in the organizations and its importance can be seen by observing

Internal Communication:
Communication inside the company is called internal communication. So, it’s the flow of information between different department and different levels in the organization. Internal communication can be downward and upward too. For instance, when a manager gives an order to his subordinates to fulfill it is called downward communication while the feedback from a worker is upward communication.

External Communication:
The give and take of information with the external environment is called external communication. For example, a company’s spokesman talks about the strategy of the company for the upcoming year and or a public relation’‡ department gather information about the choice of the customers about some particular product produced by the company.


Defining Effective communication

The process of effective communication can be define as “sending a massage (verbal or nonverbal) and receiving a feedback or response (negative or positive response)”.
Effective communication is a cycle and it cannot be completed without response or feedback from the receiver of the massage. If a massage is sent and we do not receive a feedback or answer (either positive or negative) it cannot be called effective communication.

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