Commercial Law Notes

Factories Act

Chapter Objectives:

After studying this chapter you should be able to understand:

1. Objectives and definitions of Factories act
2. Definitions
3. Inspecting Staff
4. Health, safety & welfare provisions
5. Working hours
6. Overtime working
7. Holidays
8.Child workers
9. Women workers

Objectives of Factories Act

The appraisal should measure
a) To protect labor against industrial and occupational hazards
b) To ensure healthy and sanitary conditions in factories
c) To ensure adequate safety measures and to promote health, safety and welfare of the workers



A person above 15 & below 17 years of age

A person (male/female) who has completed 17 years of age

A person who has not completed his/her 15thyear of age

Day means a period of 24hrs beginning at midnight



Week means a period of 7 days beginning at mid-night on Saturday night (if Friday is the weekly holiday)

Any premise or precincts thereof 10 or more workers are/were working on any day of the preceding 12 months in which a manufacturing process is being ordinarily carried out with or without the aid of power.
I. Factory includes its independent units
II. Factory includes premises where anything is done towards the making or finishing or an item up to the stage it is ready for sale

Manufacturing Process: means any process for:

a) Making, altering, repairing, ornamenting, finishing or packing or otherwise treating any article or substance with a view to its use, sale, transport, delivery and disposal, or

b) Pumping oil, water and sewage, or

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