Commercial Law Notes

Workmen’s Compensations

Chapter Objectives

After studying this chapter you should be able to understand:

1. W.C Act
2. Aims and objectives
3. Definitions
4. Disablement, accident
5. Etc

Nature and Scope of W.C Act

1. The W.C act is the first measure of social security the liability to pay compensation arising out of and in the course of employment.
2. The liability to pay compensation is independent of any neglect or wrongful act on the part of the employer or his servants.

Aims and Objectives

A) The Aims and objectives of W.C Act are;
B) To protect workmen, as far as possible, from hardship arising from accident
C) To provide for payment of compensation for injury by accident
D) To increase importance of adequate safety devices in order to reduce number of accidents
E) To encourage employer to provide adequate medical treatment for mitigation the effect of accidents


A person over 15 years of age

A person under 15 years of age
means specified relatives whether or not they are dependent on the earning of the workman at the time of his death.

Specified Relations:

The relatives who become dependents without any qualification are;

1. Wife
2. Minor legitimate Son
3. Unmarried Legitimate daughter
4. Widow mother

Specified Dependents:

The relatives who have to prove they are dependent on the earnings of the deceased workman are;
1. Widower
2. Minor illegitimate son
3. Unmarried illegitimate daughter

4. Minor Brother

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