Advantages of External Recruitment, Disadvantages of External Recruitment

2. Employment agencies

Companies may give a contract to employment agencies that search, interview and obtain the required number of people. The method can be used to obtain lower level and middle level staff.

3. Campus recruitment

When companies are in search of fresh graduates or new talent they opt for campus recruitment. Companies approach colleges, management, technical institutes, make a presentation about the company and the job and invite applications. Interested candidates who have applied are made to go through a series of selection test and interview before final selection.

4. News paper advertisement

This is one of the oldest and most popular methods of recruitment. Advertisements for the job are given in leading news papers; the details of the job and salary are also mentioned. Candidates are given a contact address where their applications must be sent and are asked to send their applications within a specified time limit. The method has maximum reach and most preferred among all other methods of recruitment.

5. Internet advertisement

With increasing importance to internet, companies and candidates have started using the internet as medium of advertisement and search for jobs. There are various job sites like and etc. candidates can also post their profiles on these sites. This method is growing in popularity.

6. Walk in interview

Another method of recruitment which is gaining importance is the walk in interview method. An advertisement about the location and time of walk in interview is given in the news paper. Candidates require to directly appearing for the interview and have to bring a copy of their C.V. with them. This method is very popular among B.P.O and call centers.

Advantages of External Recruitment

1. There is influx of new talent in the method.
2. The method encourages more and more competition.
3. There is lesser chance of partiality through this method.
4. If options like campus recruitment have been exercised we get a chance to employ fresh graduates, thus increasing employment.

Disadvantages of External Recruitment

1. The method is costly because it involves recruitment cost, selection, training cost.
2. The method is time consuming.
3. The method reduces loyalty to the company.