Advantages of Training Programs to the Employees of Organization


Following are the advantages of training program to the employee:

1. Better career opportunities

Training programs provide the latest information, develops talent and due to this the employee is in a position to get better jobs in the same company or other companies.

2. High rewards

Effective training programs result in improved performance. When performance appraisal is done excellent performance from the employee is rewarded by giving him incentives and bonus.

3. Increased motivation

Employees who have been trained are generally more confident as compared to others. Since their efforts will be rewarded in future they are very much interested in improving their performance. Therefore we can say that their motivation levels are very high.

4. Group efforts

Training programs are not only technical programs but are also conducted in areas like conflict management, group dynamics (formal and informal groups), behavioral skills, stress management etc. This enables employees to put in group effort without facing problems that groups normally face. In other words training teaches people to work in a group.

5. Promotion

People who attend training programs learn from them and improve themselves are generally considered for promotion. Thus training increases chances of promotion.   

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