Define Training and Development in HRM – Objectives and Purpose

Definition of Training and Development Program

Training is the process of planned programs and procedures undertaken for the improvement of employee's performance in terms of his attitude, skills, knowledge and behavior. These training and development programs can significantly improve the overall performance of organization.

Training is normally viewed as a short process. It is applied to technical staff, lower, middle, senior level management. When applied to lower and middle management staff it is called as training and for senior level it is called managerial development program/executive development program/development program.

Objectives/Purpose/Goals of Training and Development

The purpose of training and development can be explained as follows:

1. Improving quality of workforce

Training and development programs can help in improving the quality of work produced by the workforce of organization. Mostly, training is given in a specific area like finance, marketing or HR, which helps in improving the quality of work in that particular area.

2. Enhance employee growth

By attending these training and development programs, employees are able master the work of their jobs and that's how they develop and grow themselves in a professional way.

3. Prevents obsolescence

These programs help employees to keep themselves up to date with the new trends in latest technology, which reduces the chances of termination of the job.

4. Assisting new comer

These programs help new employees to adjust themselves in a new working environment, culture and technology. They feel themselves as regular employees of that organization.

5. Bridging the gap between planning and implementation

It helps organizations to easily achieve their targets and goals what they actually planned for. Employees know their job better and they deliver the quality performance according to needs of top management. That's why organizations can easily implement their plans.

6. Health and safety measures

Training and development program clearly identifies and teaches employees about the different risk involved in their job, the different problems that can arise and how to prevent such problems. This helps to improve the health and safety measures in the company.

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