Definition of Job Design

2. Actual performance of the job

In this method, the observer who is preparing the job analysis performs a specific job by himself in order to check the difficulty level, skills required and amount of time required to complete that job. Thus, he gets a clear idea about everything.

3. Interview method

In this method, the job analysis is prepared by conducting interview with the employee by asking questions related to skills required and difficulty levels of the job. A panel of highly expert professionals conducts this kind of interview.

4. Critical incident method

In this method, the management tells the employee to write down any critical incident or problem that he has faced during the operation of his job. The purpose of writing critical incident is to collect valuable information like the difficulty level of problem, skills required and how the problem was solved. This gives a clear idea for the preparation of job analysis.

5. Questionnair method

In this method, the employee is given a questionnair and asked to answer all the questions in that. Most of the questions are related to the job of that employee, which provides great information for the preparation of job analysis. These questions can be multiple choice or theoretical, depending upon the nature of job.

6. Log records

In this method, employees are required to maintain a proper record of responsibilities and activities which they perform during the operation of their jobs. These kinds of records help organizations to prepare job analysis.

7. HRD records

Organizations can also prepare job analysis with the help of HR department by collecting valuable data. HRD is responsible for maintaining records of all the employees, which includes things like name of the job, name of the employee, education qualifications, tasks performed, promotions, mistakes committed etc.

Job design


Job design is the process of:

a) Deciding the contents of the job.

b) Deciding methods to carry out the job.

c) Deciding the relationship which exists in the organization.

Job analysis helps to develop job design and job design matches the requirements of the job with the human qualities required to do the job.

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