Define Job Enlargement, Advantages and Disadvantages of Job Enlargement


Job enlargement definition

Job enlargement is the process of adding new challenging tasks and activities to existing jobs in order to extract maximum skills from employees.

Advantages of job enlargement

1. Variety of skills

With the help of job enlargement, employees are able to get some new skills and qualities during their jobs, which is beneficial for both, organizations as well as employees.

2. Improves earning capacity

By learning new skills and tasks, they can perform other jobs and duties which enable them to earn more. They can also demand for higher salaries.

3. Wide range of activities

Job enlargement enable employees to perform wide rang of duties and tasks, which is a good sign for organizations. They reduce the number of employees, which cut down the cost of salaries and benefits, because they use less employees to perform wide range of duties.

Disadvantages of job enlargement

1. Increases work burden

Job enlargement increases the work of the employee and not every company provides incentives and extra salary for extra work. Therefore the efforts of the individual may remain unrecognized.

2. Increasing frustration of the employee

In many cases employees end up being frustrated because increased activities do not result in increased salaries.  

3. Problem with union members

Union members may consider job enlargement as a bad behavior with the workers and they might stand against the orders of organization.