External Methods/Sources of Recruitment, Internal Methods/Sources of Recruitment

3. Transfer

Many companies adopt transfer as a method of recruitment. The idea is to select talented personnel from other branches of the company and transfer them to branches where there is shortage of people.

4. Retirement

Many companies call back personnel who have already retired from the organization. This is a temporary measure. The method is beneficial because it gives a sense of pride to the retired when he is called back and helps the organization to reduce recruitment selection and training cost.

5. Internal advertisement

In this method vacancies in a particular branch are advertised in the notice board. People who are interested are asked to apply for the job. The method helps in obtaining people who are ready to shift to another branch of the same company and it is also beneficial to people who want to shift to another branch.

6. Employee recommendation

In this method employees are asked to recommend people for jobs. Since the employee is aware of the working conditions inside the company he will suggest people who can adjust to the situation. The company is benefited because it will obtain.

Advantages of Internal Recruitment

1. Internal methods are time saving.
2. No separate induction program is required.
3. The method increases loyalty and reduces labour turnover.
4. This method is less expensive.

Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment

1. There is no opportunity to get new talent in this method.
2. The method involves selecting people from those available in the company so there is limited scope for selection.
3. There are chances of biased and partiality.
4. Chances of employee discontent are very high.

External Methods/Sources of Recruitment

External sources of recruitment refer to methods of recruitment to obtain people from outside the company. These methods are:

1. Management consultant

Management consultant helps the company by providing them with managerial personnel, when the company is on the look out for entry level management trainees and middle level managers. They generally approach management consultants.