Define Recruitment, Objectives of Recruitment, Methods of Recruitment

Definition of Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of hiring talented employees for certain jobs by motivating them to apply for those jobs which are available in organization.

Objectives of Recruitment

Recruitment fulfills the following objectives:

1. It reviews the list of objectives of the company and tries to achieve them by promoting the company in the minds of public.
2. It forecasts how many people will be required in the company.
3. It enables the company to advertise itself and attract talented people.
4. It provides different opportunities to procure human resource.

Methods of Recruitment

Recruitment is a process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs.
Companies can adopt different methods of recruitment for selecting people in the company. These methods are:

1. Internal sources

2. External sources

The sources can be further explained with the help of following diagram:

Internal Sources of Recruitment

Internal sources of recruitment refer to obtaining people for job from inside the company. There are different methods of internal recruitment:

1. Promotion

Companies can give promotion to existing employees. This method of recruitment saves a lot of time, money and efforts because the company does not have to train the existing employee. Since the employee has already worked with the company. He is familiar with the working culture and working style. It is a method of encouraging efficient workers.

2. Departmental examination

This method is used by government departments to select employees for higher level posts. The advertisement is put up on the notice board of the department. People who are interested must send their application to the HR department and appear for the exam. Successful candidates are given the higher level job. The method ensures proper selection and impartiality.