Training Procedure/Process of Training for Employees in HRM

Every company has a specific training procedure, depending upon its requirements. A general training procedure is explained below along with diagram:

1. Determining training needs of employee

In the very 1st step of training procedure, the HR department, identifies the number of people required training, specific area in which they need training, the age group of employee, the level in organization etc. in some cases the employee may be totally new to the organization. Here the general introduction training is required. Some employees may have problems in specific areas; here the training must be specific. This entire information is collected by HR department.

2. Selecting target group

Based on information collected in step 1 the HR department divides employee into groups based on the following:

i. The area of training
ii. Level in the organization
iii. The intensity of training


3. Preparing trainers


Once the employees have been divided into groups, the HR department arranges for trainers. Trainers can be in house trainers or specialized trainers from outside. The trainers are given details by HR department, like number of people in group, their age, their level in organization, the result desired at the end of training, the area of training, the number of days of training, the training budget, facilities available etc.

4. Preparing training packages

Based on the information provided by trainers, he prepares entire training schedule i.e. number of days, number of sessions each day, topics to be handled each day, depth of which the subject should be covered, the methodology for each session, the test to be given for each session, handout/printed material to be given in each session.