Methods of Training for Managers and Training Process in HRM

Methods of Training for Managers, Methods of Managerial Development/Executive Development

Various methods are used to train personnel for managerial level jobs in the company. These methods can be explained with the help of following diagram:

On the Job Training Methods in HRM

On the job method refers to training given to personnel inside the company. There are different methods of on the job training:

Job rotation

This method enables the company to train managerial personnel in departmental work. They are taught everything about the department. Starting from the lowest level job in the department to the highest level job. This helps when the person takes over as a manager and is required to check whether his juniors are doing the job properly or not. Every minute detail is studied.

1. Planned progression

In this method juniors are assigned a certain job of their senior in addition to their own job. The method allows the employee to slowly learn the job of his senior so that when he is promoted to his senior job it becomes very easy for him to adjust to the new situation. It also provides a chance to learn higher level jobs.

2. Coaching and counseling

Coaching refers to actually teaching a job to a junior. The senior person who is the coach actually teaches his junior regarding how the work must be handled and how decisions must be taken, the different techniques that can be used on the job, how to handle pressure.