Organizational Bahavior Notes


Some decades back organizations were very simple, and the business were only local and were not done on international level. So, therefore, managing the organizations was quite easy and much much simpler than now. The people in the organizations used to be mostly males and of the same origin and background which means that the personnel or the workforce then was not as diverse as now. The new millennium has started and the competition these days has increased tremendously. Every firm and organization tries to compete with others. But firms can have an advantage over its competitors by having better people and personnel. So, as the competition increases emphasis on better and better personnel in an organization increases. Therefore, training better people and workers has become the main concern and issue for the managers. Managers and directors adopt established and new innovative techniques to lift the performance of their workers. So, there is when the importance of organizational Behavior comes into play. Organizational Behavior is simply “a way of managing the people and workers”


Today’s management faces many challenges and difficulties.   Some of the challenges facing management are downsizing, reengineering, knowledge and information explosion, global competition and total quality management. All these factors that are creating difficulties for the management and administrations of the companies can be called the new environment. So, every management has to cope with these difficulties.

The new environment; Globalization, Information technology, total quality and diversity and ethics: 1.

1. Globalization

Due to the advancements in transportation and development in the field of science the world has become a smaller place and this is called globalization or global village where transporting goods and transmitting information is done in a very shorter period of time than a century ago. So, these advancements have made the world a smaller place and now companies can send and sell their services and products even to far away lands and areas.

2. Information Technology

The other major environmental development is that of the computers which poses a challenge to the management of organizations today. In other words, to perform better organizations must employ new technologies and inventions to remain competitive. As the advancements are so much in this field, organizations have to update their knowledge every few months later to a have knowledge of new software and equipments which is a problem and more importantly the organizations have to employee people that can use these new techniques and machines and training and employing these people is a very difficult thing to do.

3. Total Quality

Besides other factors the quality of products is given a great deal of importance, due to many choices the customers have, which means that the products and services of the organization has to be of good quality to compete. And this is another headache for the managers. Recently, beside other marketing activities companies should make their products and services so that it must have a better quality to be a success in the market, which increases the responsibilities of any management and people involved in it.

4. Diversity and ethics

Diversity means, that nowadays in an organization, people come from different parts of the world with different places and cultures with different ages, backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and values and norms. And managers should keep this in mind that the organization should be designed so that there should be no discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity or religion. So, formulating and maintaining such rules, policies and environment in an organization is difficult for its management.


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