How to Create Quickbooks Company File by Easy Steps Interview


Create your company file in QuickBooks by completing the easy steps interview:      

This is the first step to use QuickBooks. You will start from creating your company file. When you open QuickBooks for the fist time you need a company, for this purpose there are some easy steps for creating a company file. This process starts with interview:


First time when you open your QuickBooks, there are four options will be available then you select create a new company file and it will start with an interview. You will fill the first page which is related to your information about your business.

  • In a next page titled (SELECT YOUR INDUSTRY) you will select your type of business. Then in next page titled (HOW YOUR COMPANY ORGANIZED) select one option (business further category).
  • In a next page titled (SELECT THE FIRST MONTH OF YOUR FISCAL YEAR) so select your fiscal year month.
  • In next page titled (SET AN ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD) set a password that any one can not access your company data, you can also leave this option. After this your company file will be created. The computer will ask where you want to save your company file so you will select the place to save. One more thing in this interview is that you can leave this interview process at any stage and directly access QuickBooks menus.
  • After that in next page computer will ask about (WHAT DO YOU SELL), there are three options will be available (1. Services Only 2. Product only 3. Product & Services), you will select one option.
  • In next page titled (DO YOU CHARGE SALES TAX), tick one option either Yes or No.
  • In a next page titled (DO YOU WANT TO CREATE ESTIMATES IN QUICKBOOKS), select one option Yes or NO.
  • In next page titled (USING SALES RECEIPTS IN QUICKBOOKS), tick one option either Yes or No.
  • In next page titled (USING STATEMENTS IN QUICKBOOKS), you must tick "Yes" option.
  • In next page titled (USING INVOICES IN QUICKBOOKS), you must tick "Yes" option.
  • In next page titled (USING PROGRESS INVOICING), you will tick Yes or No option.

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