QuickBooks Entries: How to Make/Process Income Entry in QuickBooks


Then save & close and check in chart of account.

Through this method you can create you own chart of accounts. But you must keep in mind that you will charge any item to the proper account if you have little idea about finance/accounting.

Class: Class is used for location, departments or multi business. How to select the class, for this purpose you will go to the "Edit Menu" select "Preferences" then click on "Accounting" and select "Company Preferences" in tick the class option. When you ever record any entry, the Quick Book will also ask about class, or you can go to the list "Menu" and select "Class List", click on class where you can give any type, for example: you have multiple business soaps, food, and beverages then you can give a class in QuickBooks or you have a business in different places so you can also give a class to the locations.      

In chart of account we just give you the idea to learn chart of accounts and how it’s prepared. If you have some queries about chart of accounts then send email to our official mail address we will guide you properly.

QuickBooks Entries

Entries are the third training process and it’s very important when you are learning QuickBooks.

Income Entry:
If you are working in social organization (NGO) then initially you will create Donors and projects in QuickBooks, Follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Customers Menu" click on customer job list or simply press (Ctrl & N), you will create donor in customer list press (Ctrl & N) automatically new customer list will open, then enter Customer Name­­­­­­­­­­ USAID or any donor  and press ok. Your new donor will be created.
  2. if you have two or three projects with the same donor then click on "Customer Job" list and then select "New Job".
  3. A Window will open in Job Name, write flood Relief or any other project name and below in "Customer Name" you will select Donor for ex USAID and press ok. Your donors and projects list will be created.
  4. Then you can do a simple entry of grants received. Go to "Bank Menu" click on "Make Deposits". A new window will be open in which there will be many options available. We will train you through screenshot, then you'll be able to batter understand. Checkout the example on next page.

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