AutoCAD 2004 Training Lectures

Lecture 3

Let us learn how to use the following commands:-


There many ways to erase an object.

1. Type E (enter)

2. Select the objects which you want to erase (enter)

The easiest and fast way to delete an object is to select the object and then press Delete button of your key board.


1. Type co (enter)

2. Select the object(s) (enter)

3. Select the base point. (By base point it is meant to select a point from which you want it to be copied.
4. Either type distance (enter) or specify any point on screen.

Copy Multiple:-

If we want to copy an object more than once, the easiest way is;

1. Type co (enter)

2. Select object (enter)

3.Type m (enter)
4. Select base point as in above case.
5. Click on required space to have multiple copies as shown in Fig1
6. Press (enter) when you want to finish multiple copying.


Construction Line:-

This is used for multiple purposes like:-

#. To draw horizontal, vertical or angular line.
#. To draw offset (off set is used to draw the walls etc) and projections etc.
#. To bisect an angle.
#. To check a certain line for horizontal or vertical etc.

1. Type XL (enter)
2. Type H for horizontal or V for vertical line. We will see that a line of infinite length is drawn. Now we can use it for our required purposes like to check any line in our drawing etc.
3. If you want angular line, Type XL (enter) and then press A for angle. And then you will be asked to enter angle. Type the angle value and press(enter). Here we can also press R to use a line as a reference.


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