AutoCAD 2004 Training Lectures


Lecture 1



AutoCAD stands for Automatically Computer Aided Designing/ Drafting. As the name shows, this software is used for drafting purposes. Although it can be used for many other useful purposes yet we will concentrate on drafting.

There are many ways of starting Auto CAD. Some are given below;

  1. Start> Programs> Auto Desk> Auto CAD 2004> Auto CAD 2004

Go to the drive where you have installed Auto CAD. By default Auto CAD is installed in c drive. Go to that drive

and find Auto CAD 2004 folder. In this folder, double click on acad.exe file

Introduction to Main Interface
Once AutoCAD is loaded, move the mouse around until you see a crosshair cursor. You will see somewhat interface as shown in Fig1 :


 Now let us explain some properties or features of Auto CAD 2004 (As shown in above Figure);


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