AutoCAD 2004 Training Lectures

Lecture 6


Inverted Arch Foundation:-

Now we will draw inverted arch foundation as shown in Fig-I-01. But here we will also introduce the use of layers to some extent. The layers will be used in detail when we will draw a map.


It is an organizing tool that operates like an electronic version of traditional; transparent overlays on a drawing board.

Layers can be assigned color and linetype, and their visibility can be controlled.

1. Setting up Layers:

Now let us start to set some layers. For this particular drawing, we will set two layers. One, named as rough, and second, named as neat. The lines/objects drawn onto rough layer will be those which are drawn to help in drawing the drawing. While on the other hand, the neat drawing will be on neat layer.
The layer bar, which is, by default, present at object properties toolbar, is shown in Fig-I-02.
Now let us explain the FIG I-02. We can see that there are different options i.e. Color, freeze, On/Off etc.

a) Layer Name:-
Here the name of current layer is written. Any object drawn will be on this current layer. We must have at least one layer. By default we have a layer named as 0.

b) Lock/Unlock:-
It is used to lock or unlock a layer. If a layer is locked, the objects on that layer will visible but not be able to be moved nor can it be copied or deleted.

c) Color:-
The color assigned to the layer is shown in the box marked in above Fig-I-02, as Color.

d) Freeze or Thaw:-
This is used to freeze or thaw the layer in current or all viewports. When a layer is freeze, all objects on that layer will become invisible.

e) On/Off:-
This is used to make the layer visible or invisible. If a layer is off then all the objects drawn on that layer will be made invisible. But there is some change in freezing an on/Off of a layer.
e.g. if we select all the objects (Ctrl+A), the objects on Off  layer are also selected but not if they are on the freeze layer.

###. Type la (enter) or click on  which is located at the object properties toolbar, layer properties manager will be displayed as shown in Fig-I-03. Let us make the two layers.

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