AutoCAD 2004 Training Lectures



 AutoCAD stands for Automatically Computer Aided Drafting/Designing. It is an electronic tool that enables you to make quick and accurate drawings with the use of a computer. Unlike the traditional methods of making drawings on a drawing board, with CAD you can sit back in an easy chair and create wonderful drawings just by clicking the buttons of a keyboard. Moreover, drawings created with CAD have a number of advantages over drawings created on a drawing board. CAD drawings are neat, clean and highly presentable. Electronic drawings can be modified quite easily and can be presented in a variety of formats. I have tried my best to make a copy for AutoCAD 2004. Approximately all basic commands are introduced in it.

Special thanks to Engr. Haleema Ataullah as she taught us AutoCAD in a very nice manner.


Engr. Muhammad Qasim Shinwari

26th Jan, 2007



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