AutoCAD 2004 Training Lectures

Lecture 4



There are two types of texts in Auto Cad;

1. Single Line Text:

This can be activated by typing text¿. Click on the start point (on screen). Then you have to specify the height of text. Either directly enter the height value or move the cross hair and you will see a rubber band. Use it for appropriate height and then press left click of the mouse. After that you can enter the angle value e.g.40 etc.
Here we will also see the sub commands:-

a) Justify:

It has further sub commands;

b) Align:

If it is activated, then we have to specify the two points and text will be adjusted according to the area and we will not be bothered of height.

c) Fit:

In fit, we will give height, so instead of changing the height automatically, the text will shrink or grow to fit in the required area.

d) Centre/Middle etc:

Now after fit, the difference is of the grip points of the text and its alignment and nothing else. Here is the full name of the symbols used;-

TL = Top Left
TC = Top Center
TR = Top Right
ML = Middle Left
MC = Middle Center
MR = Middle Right
BL = Bottom Left
BC = Bottom Center
BR = Bottom Right




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