How to Define Currency in Primavera Project Planner 6 and V7



Q) How to Define Currency?

A) Choose Admin, Currencies.

You can specify the monetary unit or base currency used to store cost data for all projects in the database, as well as the monetary unit or view currency used to display cost data in windows and dialog boxes.

The exchange rate for the base currency is always 1.0. If you select a different currency than the base currency to view cost data, the base currency value is multiplied times the current exchange rate for the view currency to calculate the values displayed in cost and price fields.

For example, if the base currency is U.S. Dollars, the view currency is Euros, and the exchange rate for Euros is .75, a value of $10 stored in the database is displayed as 7.5 Euros in cost and price fields in windows and dialog boxes. Similarly, if you enter 10 Euros in a cost or price field, it is stored in the database as $13.30.



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